What’s Better Walking Or Running?

What’s Better Walking Or Running?

The question has been asked many times by many people. Which one is better? If it is a matter or heart health, reducing cholesterol or reducing the risk of diabetes then walking and running have the same effect. What is more effective when it comes losing weight? This seems to be the concern of most people.

Burning Calories

It is a fact that you will have to walk for a longer time than you should run, to burn the same amount of calories. Is burning calories the only thing that matters when it comes to losing weight? If burning calories is the only concern, does it really matter what exercise you do? Let us see some more facts.

Calories And Weight-Loss

When you consider what’s better walking or running, it is found that running was better for losing weight. In a study conducted it was found that among people who burned the same number of calories running and walking, the ones who ran had lost more weight for the same calories burnt.

In people who were heavier, it was found the calories burned by running gave a 90% improved weight loss than the same number of calories burned by walking. One probable reason for the phenomenon is that people who did running as the exercise burned more calories in the 14 hours following the exercise than those who walked.

Eating After Exercise

You may now know what’s better walking or running. But let us see one more study to reinforce the verdict. Ladies were studied for the number of calories they consumed after the exercise. It was found that ladies who walked consumed 50 calories more than they had burned while the ones who ran consumed 200 calories lesser than what they had burned during the exercise. It was also noticed that the ladies who ran had more amount of the hormone Peptide YY which suppresses appetite.

Other Factors

While running is better for weight loss, when you consider other factors like heart health, reducing cholesterol and diabetes risk, walking is much better. If a person has some form of injury running is not good. Walking is better here. Moreover, it is also known that runners are more prone to illnesses from a weak immune system. They are also likely to overdo the exercise.

When you are in doubt what’s better walking or running, it is wise to choose the one that you will be able to do regularly without any discomfort.

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