What are the best family workouts for the Elderly?

What are the best family workouts for the Elderly?

It could be that you have recently delivered a child, be it the first or second one and is looking forwards to getting in great shape once again. Having young kids at home will mean, fitness regimen occupying low priorities. It is very much possible for you to perform fitness exercises with your spouse without any hassle or worry about your  little one.

Best family workouts when aging

  • Doorknob squats: You will be required to check up on the little one, every now and then. Performing doorknob squats can convert it into a workout, without actually disturbing your little one. You can perform approximately 5-10 doorknob squats. Increase the number with each passing day.
  • Shooting air rifles: Shooting air rifles in your backyard can be a good exercise for elderly people.
  • Pacing workout: In case, he/she is awake, then hold him/her and pace up and down. Walk around perform arm raises or lunges, while your little one sleeps. Walking kicks, hop squats and walking lunges are the other types of pacing workouts.
  • Mat workouts: With your baby by your side, you can perform wide range of mat exercises. The exercises can include leg extensions and raises, sit ups, crunches, push-ups, etc. But take care of your baby to ensure he/she is not hurt when performing the exercise. For quality time being together, include your toddler during the workout session.
  • Baby bridges: Toddlers do require some entertainment. This form of exercise actually is bridge workout. You need to hold your child, lift him/her up each time you lift into the bridge. It is better performed by dad and mom who already have been exercising for quite some time and developed their core strength.
  • Jogging: You can take along your child for a jog. A jogging stroller or tactical baby carrier can be the perfect solution. Using the right type, you will be able to jog fast as possible, while your toddler will stay protected. Jogging is undoubtedly a wonderful cardio workout which can be performed by both dad and mom together along with the baby. Going jogging at the park or beach can also help to kick start ‘how to walk’ sessions for the little one. If you are not into jogging just get a basic treadmill.
  • Baby weights: There are men who just love lighting weights. If so, then the child can double up as ‘human dumbbell’ to provide strength workouts. Hold your young one tightly and become creative by using child to perform weight training.

The above are just few of the top family workouts that can be performed on a regular basis and be in good shape.

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