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Fuel – Mystery

An exploration of the freshest and purest water. A contemporary aromatic aquatic signature. Dedicated to men seeking a unique, crisp and vibrant freshness. It will surely have all those mysterious girls giving in. How you want to enjoy is totally your call. Spray it on.

Fuel – Passion

Arouse Passion is a lush, fruity and powdery scent which is also long lasting. At first, the fragrance smells tropically fruity and then it warms to a more full bodied fragrance. Use it to attract the opposite sex, any time of the day.

Fuel – Flame

Ignite Flame has a refreshing, oriental and woody fragrance. This masculine ambery scent possesses the ability to create fire among all the girls around you. Once you put it on, “how to deal with ‘them all’ is totally your responsibility.

Fuel- Dark Diablo

Fragrance Type: Aromatic Woody
An Aromatic Woody Fragrance that fuels the devil in you.

Fuel- Wild Tempest

Fragrance Type: Oriental Musky
An Oriental musky fragrance that fuels the tempest inside you.

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